Hadler, Luxtronic and Luxsystem

For 28 years now, the name Hadler has stood for electronic lighting products with unique features. With the second idea, the HADLER customers are provided with the advantages of a unique selling point allowing them to set themselves apart from the competition.

Under the brand name Luxtronic, the company Hadler develops and manufactures ballasts for LED and fluorescent lamps at the company location in Felsberg near Kassel.

The company Hadler is a competent and reliable business partner, not only for manufacturers of technical luminaires but also for manufacturers of products used in hazardous locations or for industrial applications. For these product lines, the second idea is reflected, for example, in the suitability for hazardous locations, in the unique compact or slim design and in special features which may also be customer-specific.

Since 2005, the advantages the advantages of Luxtronic ballasts have also been used for the company’s own luminaire series in the product range "slim light”. Under the brand name Luxtronic, the company Hadler manufactures various slim system luminaires which also reflect the “second idea”: Apart from the slim design, this is primarily expressed in the movable connector system, the reduced design or the exceptional long life. Especially in the range of LED lighting, the company Hadler has developed trend-setting solutions. 

The brand DALI up® is another product line. Products of this brand are used in DALI systems for lighting control to make installation and operation easier. They also help to further establish the internationally recognized DALI bus (for controlling lighting systems) in the market. With the slogan “DALI. Easy at last!”, the company Hadler summarizes the “second idea” of these products.

In order to remain a reliable partner in the future, the family business with 40 employees places the emphasis on natural growth and long-term success.

Hadler is now member of the DiiA who overtakes the DALI business


Linear VI LED

  • LED current 50 – 700 mA
  • Temperature range -40 °C – 70 °C
  • Voltage- and temperature control

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