A common ground:
Precision down to last detail.

Instead of cost-effective mass production, the company Hadler concentrates on flexible production and supply structures with a clear focus on its core competence: Employees ensuring a higher in-house production depth than inflexible machines.

The company size and the close proximity of design department and production enable the company Hadler to quickly respond to customer requirements. It is one of the core competences of the development engineers to find the best possible solution for a problem. This offers an additional benefit to Hadler customers allowing them to take a position away from the mass market. Today, the company Hadler is the technological market leader for ballasts in hazardous locations. The experience made in this demanding market environment is incorporated in the design of every ballast and every luminaire.

Hadler is now member of the DiiA who overtakes the DALI business


Linear VI LED

  • LED current 50 – 700 mA
  • Temperature range -40 °C – 70 °C
  • Voltage- and temperature control

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