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The employees are one of the central pillars of the company’s success. The commitment of the employees to the family company is high. This is the result of a management that always has the well-being of the staff in view. Each employee has the opportunity to qualify for all departments of the company. It is performance that counts, not qualification. Unlike other industrial companies, the company Hadler gives each employee an overview of the entire value chain. This is especially true for the development department where each development and design engineer is involved in the entire process – ranging from customer requirements and finished product to customer service after start of production.

We are always looking for employees interested in electronics, software programming, development and design.

Current vacancies:

Hadler is the world market leader for lighting electronics in hazardous areas. Since more than 25 years we successfully design and produce lighting electronics and luminaries for industrial and architectural use in Felsberg Germany near Kassel. As a family owned business we invest carefully and develop our company on natural growth. Our financial basis is pretty good.

LED brings new challenges and therefore we search people for the R+D- department with a passion for electronics and construction. Your academical degree does not matter, just Your knowledge and enthusiasm.


Fritzlarer Straße 19
34587 Felsberg

Phone: +49 5662 9399-0
Fax: +49 5662 9399-29

Hadler is now member of the DiiA who overtakes the DALI business

Linear VI LED

  • LED current 50 – 700 mA
  • Temperature range -40 °C – 70 °C
  • Voltage- and temperature control

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Fritzlarer Straße
D 34587 Felsberg

Phone: +49 5662 9399-0

Fax: +49 5662 9399-29