Efficiency combined with compact design

Products with the brand name Luxtronic perfectly meet the requirements. It is the development target to achieve the maximum performance potential. This way, the company HADLER offers a high-quality alternative to conventional solutions: With great success and a clear focus on flexibility, customer-specific solutions are developed and manufactured.


Slim light

Luxsystem luminaires do not only distinguish themselves by an extra slim design; they also offer other unique features: All system luminaires are equipped with a movable connector system allowing for the creation of long and continuous strip lighting. Due to their reduced design, Luxsystem luminaires are often used in architectural lighting. Designed to exceptionally demanding specifications, they are an economic and reliable solution for almost any installation situation.


DALI. Easy at last!

With the new innovative DALI uP lighting control, the company HADLER offers a perfect solution for easily establishing and operating DALI systems in a cost-effective way. DALI uP will fit under each conventional switching element or into the sub-distribution and can be used to control all standard-compliant DALI luminaires. DALI up combines all advantages of an innovative lighting control; it is easy to install and can be set up intuitively. The free software which is easy to understand will also allow non-professional users to set up DALI systems fast and easily. To always provide you with the full potential of DALI, the software available is constantly improved and extended. It is also possible to include customer-specific functions.


Hadler is now member of the DiiA who overtakes the DALI business


Linear VI LED

  • LED current 50 – 700 mA
  • Temperature range -40 °C – 70 °C
  • Voltage- and temperature control

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